Welcome to "Journeys of a Commoner", the autobiography of Richard (Red) Lawhern, owner of this website "Giving Something Back".  To facilitate easy download and reading, this ~400+ page manuscript is divided into chapter files, each of which is formatted as Rich Text Format (.rtf) readable by most word processing applications.  This otherwise unpublished manuscript is copyrighted by the author.  While you are welcome to download it for your own individual reading, it may not be copied or further distributed, either with or without financial benefit to you.



Richard A. "Red" Lawhern, Ph.D.

Giving Something Back

Journeys - Chapter 00  - Table of Contents and Foreword


     Part I:  Journeys

Journeys - Chapter 01 -  Jumping Into the Middle of Things

Journeys - Chapter 02 -  Before My Beginning

Journeys - Chapter 03  -  Growing Up Straight

Journeys - Chapter 04 -  Groping and Coping


     Part II:  Arrivals

Journeys - Chapter 05 - Psychology and Other Folk Tales

Journeys - Chapter 06 -  Politics for Skeptics

Journeys - Chapter 07 - Liberations of the Heart

Journeys - Chapter 08  -  A Gentle Uncertainty

     Afterword:  On Becoming A Village Elder