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Finding People

[Information Cutoff Date: July 1999]
Richard A. Lawhern, Ph.D

This article is several pages long. It is broken into sections, to load quickly on your Web browser. The Table of Contents and Link List provide quick access to the resources. If you are serious about finding someone, then you are urged to print out all of the sections and spend time reading. You can get yourself into deep trouble by invading somebody else's privacy. A little preparation can avoid such problems.

Acknowledgements: Curt Davis, a participant in the Internet Village Elders at The Internet Sleuth Search Forums has been a major help in editing and focussing this work. This article had its beginnings in a series of questions and answers posted to the Finding Information Forum, also on the Sleuth. 

Table of Contents and Link List

Introduction to Searching for People

How Easy is it to Find Someone?

Good and Bad Reasons to Find Someone

Credit Information and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Free Resources on the Net

Free or Low Cost Resources Off Line

Private Investigator Services Through the Net