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Summary: Finding People on Line and Off

Richard A. Lawhern, Ph.D.
Last Updated: July 1999

If you want to find somebody through the Internet, this article gives you several places to start. Plan to spend serious time at this. The broadest ranging search you can do for free will be a telephone and address search. You may need to try several sites, because they don't all use the same databases. If your target has an unlisted phone number and does not use the Internet, then you may have to pay somebody to access an electronic database which isn't on the Net. Fees start around $20 dollars; a lot of services are available for under $100 dollars. Unless your target is rolling in hard cash or flat broke and hiding very deep, they are going to be found. If not by you, then by a search specialist.

There are all kinds of reasons for wanting to find somebody. Some of the reasons aren't mentally healthy for you or for the object of your search. Try to be clear about your own objectives before you go hunting. As an old saying goes, be careful what you ask for -- you might get it. Sometimes the worst thing you can get is the thing you believe you want.

If you think somebody you don't like may be searching for you, then talk with a police investigator, a private investigator, or a lawyer. Laws in most states can enable you to deflect the unwanted interest of a pursuer. This is the sort of thing court Restraining Orders are made for. Enforcement isn't perfect -- but even imperfect protection is better than none.

If you want to be easily found, then the best way I know to become visible is to give something freely to other people. One avenue for volunteers is the Village Elders hosted on the Internet Sleuth. There are plenty of other ways to "give something back" on the Net, as well. If you wish to correspond with me personally, I will help you find one which works for your interests and background.

If you detect errors in this article, please get back to me by email at I'll fix anything which is factually wrong.

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