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Richard A. "Red" Lawhern

(Last Update:  May,  2012)


Greetings.  My name is Richard -"Red"- Lawhern (though my hair is no longer the color of my nickname).   I've been doing photographs for over 40 years. Though I've had training in visual composition, I've never been entirely sure that the instruction "took." It might be said that I see the small within the large.  My eye is attracted to details that go past many people if one doesn't look closely or pay attention. I do a lot of landscapes, some architectural detail, many flowers and animals, and an occasional candid portraiture or character study.

My eye is attracted to color and the qualities of light -- factors in my work that some gallery-bred purists might consider disqualifying. I am for the most part disinterested in portraying the gritty and often depressing underside of life to which many contemporary photographers seem drawn. I know the gritty side is out there -- I grew up in it and moved on.  I often encourage others to do the same.  A focus upon the subtlety of light is, for me, another way to offer such encouragement and put a lift in your spirits each day.

Thus I offer the photographic insights that follow -- not to motivate you to social action, but to entertain and perhaps to engage your attention in a certain personal inner light that is  manifested in each of us in different ways.

Note:  Some of the older prints in this gallery were digitally scanned from slides or projection.  Likewise, picture files presented here have been resized and compressed for faster download.  Thus they might not print well in sizes above 8 x 10 inches.   All pictures are available from original media for sale, as signed/numbered prints in limited series of 20, matted, and framed under glass.  Most are in the range of  $100.00 US plus postage, for 11 x 14 prints in 16 x 20 frames.


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Colors and Characters


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Working in Light



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Coming Soon:  Cruising the Baltic Capitals

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